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Ming Mirror Finish

The Ming Mirror Finish
Some common questions about the Ming Finish:
Q: How is the Ming Mirror Finish different from a wax or polish coating?
A: Actually Ming is neither a wax nor a polish. In fact Ming is more of a process than a product. The Ming Process enhances the natural paint finish by filling in the pits and valleys (sometimes called pores) in every painted surface where dirt, grime, and pollutants can collect. (see below)

The first part in the Ming Mirror Finish

The first part in the Ming Mirror Finish



After cleaning

In a conventional treatment waxes or polishes are rubbed or buffed into these pores to cover the paint. The shine comes from the ingredients in the wax or polish. With Ming, the shine you see is the reflection of the natural painted surface, not a wax or polish.
Once the process is complete no chemical residue or coating is left on the paint.

Q: Does Ming only work on new cars?
A: No, the Ming process also works extremely well on used cars. It cleans old waxes, polishes and dirt that cause clouding and oxidation and returns your used vehicle to a shine that will make your car look almost new again.

Q: Can I Ming my clear-coat?
A: Yes. The clear-coat is an upper layer of paint finish that has no pigmentation. it still has the same pits and valleys )pores) as any other applied paint. These pores can collect dirt and become clogged when they fill with material. The Ming process cleans, enhances and protects the clear-coat finish giving it an increased luster and longer lasting shine.