Some of the quality services we offer include:

  • Interior Shampoo/Detailing
  • Ming 3 Year Mirror Finish
    Nothing shines like the real Ming!
    3 year guarantee
  • Undercoating
    Black in colour
    One-time application, deadens road noise
  • Lifetime Rust Protection
    (Amber in colour)
    Seals out air, water, salt & road grime
  • 3M Invisible Scotchgard Paint Protection Film
    Guaranteed to stop: Stone chipping, Bug acids & More For your car, truck, SUV, minivan, motorcycle & RV
  • 3M Color Stable automotive tint
    Next Generation of window film
    Guaranteed not to turn purple!
  • Interior Protection
  • Engine Degreasing
  • 3M Yearly Premium Polish

3m We provide various 3M Solutions products available for our clients and customers.

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