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3M Reflective Series Window Film

3M’s reflective series films are the cheapest and most effective window film for heat rejection and a great choice to cut glare as well.  These films are typically installed on the inside of the window and will provide day time privacy to the occupants inside.

A lot of people will call asking if we have one way mirror films.  One way mirrors don’t exist. The way that the reflective films work is completely dependent on exterior vs. interior light levels.  Meaning that during the day time from the exterior the film will act as a mirror giving the occupant privacy from anyone trying to look through.  From the inside you can see out perfectly fine and will now be protected from excess heat, glare and UV rays (leading cause of fading!).

At night time if your house is brightly lit and its dark outside then the film will act like a mirror reflecting into your house.  This isn’t a major problem as usually people will draw their blinds in the evening for privacy just as if you didn’t have film on your windows.

3M Reflective films will also greatly improve building aesthetics as you can see in our profile image above.  As well as reducing cooling costs and saving money they will give any building a uniform and aesthetically pleasing look.

Performance Data (clear double pane units)

Solar Heat Reduction = 58%

Glare Reduction = 78%

UV Blocked = 99.9%

Total Solar Energy rejected = 70%