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3M Safegard Series Security Film

3M Scotchgard Safegard Security films – The industry leader in impact resistance!

3M Security film | Ming | Thunder Bay

Forced entry and theft

3M window protection film can help deter street crime, simply because the window film helps hold the glass in place even after the window has been hit with heavy objects. Criminals don’t have the quick access they are looking for to smash and grab. The film’s resistance to tearing also makes breaking and entering very difficult. Often the window film slows them down to such a degree that they choose to move on.

Civil unrest

Window Protection

In this day and age it seems no country, society, culture or building is immune to the threat of terrorism or rioting. For this reason owners and managers of buildings need to be more aware than ever of their responsibilities to building occupants and property particularly during large public, political or sporting meetings and events. There can be little argument that providing a secure environment is at the top of the list. While heightened security cannot always prevent a building from becoming a target, precautionary measures such as 3M window protection film can work to minimize the resulting loss and damage. In the event of civil unrest the installation of 3M window protection film can demonstrate that management exercised due diligence in providing defensive measures to enhance occupant and property protection.