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3M Safety

The potential threat of shattered or falling glass is always a concern in the school environment.  Whether it be a falling tree from outside, a gymnasium ball gone astray or students horsing around, the threat is always constant.

Shattering the myth of wired glass

Many building and fire officials are mistaken about the impact resistance of wired glass and believe it to be a safety product, in part because the wires give the appearance of increased safety.

The common misconception is that the embedded wires reinforce impact strength, when they do just the opposite.  The wires actually weaken the glass and substantially reduce its impact resistance, so wired glass is in fact only half as strong as ordinary annealed glass.  Wired glass is more dangerous than regular glass when it breaks because the exposed wires are razor sharp and catch a victim’s body part in the opening, and increase the severity of the injury.

Children and young adults are seriously and permanently injured every year as a result of the dangerous use of wired glass vision panels in areas where impact safety glazing is required.  Wired glass is commonly used in hospitals, schools and colleges as an approved fire-protection glazing for fire doors and windows installed in corridors, stairwells, gymnasium walls and other fire-rated areas where accidental human impact is likely.

Human Impact – Accidental glass breakage and Safety film

One of the major causes of injury is human-to-glass impact. For this reason, there is existing legislation that covers the use of safety glazing materials in certain building constructions. This legislation is designed to protect individuals from bodily harm, should they walk into or through the pane of glass. The major cause of injury to the human body when impacting a pane of glass is what is known as the “guillotine effect.” This is where the person walks into or through the pane of glass with great speed. By the time the individual realizes that they have walked into the glass, they are already in a position where they have broken the pane of glass and do not have sufficient time to back-track. As soon as the glass is broken, due to the effect of gravity, it falls and injures the person.

Safety film decreases and virtually eliminates injury from this type of human impact. The glass, while it may be broken or cracked, remains adhered to the film, and in most cases, is still intact in its frame. The tensile strength of the film, coupled with its elasticity and high resistance to shear, greatly removes, if not virtually eliminates, the ability of a person to walk through a pane of glass.

Thrown objects; Baseballs, golf balls and other threats 

Many windows are broken either intentionally or unintentionally by thrown objects. Whether this is a child accidentally throwing a baseball through a window or a smash and grab robbery attempt, the results are the same. The projectile hits the glass with some degree of velocity, breaking the glass inward. This causes large dagger-like shards to fly into the room. Not only does this pose a risk to property, but it also poses a risk to unsuspecting individuals. Whether at home or in the office, people tend to put furniture near windows in order to enjoy the benefits of light, warmth, and view allowed by large windows. In the event of a thrown object, this presents the likelihood of injury.

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