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3M Transparent, Translucent and Opaque Coloured Films

ElectroCut Film Series 7725


• Designed for making prespaced, cut graphics on electronically-controlled, friction-fed or flat-bed cutters
• Glossy (except matte black and white), durable, 2 mil
vinyl film
• Screen printable
• Transparent synthetic liner
-prevents moisture absorption
-lays flat for easier assembly of multicolor graphics
-resists static buildup
• Clear, pressure sensitive adhesive–film is the same
color on both sides
• Good cutting and weeding characteristics
Applications and End Uses
3M Scotchcal ElectroCut Film Series 7725 is intended for making permanent, durable graphics when used
with the listed Compatible Products in the following applications. These applications are warranted by the 3M
MCS Warranty.
• Prespaced, electronically-cut graphics
• Commercial and industrial applications, including emblems, vehicle graphics, labels, striping, general
signage, two way signage
• Graphics applied to flat surfaces with and without rivets, or simple curved surfaces

3M Transparent coloured window film


Window Film 108