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See through printed window film by Ming

Perforated print window films

Perforated window films give you the ability to print whatever you’d like on the exterior surface of the glass while being able to see through from inside with complete uninterrupted visibility. We are able to do the back window of a pick up truck, and from inside you would hardly be able to tell that […]

3M Textured surface film by Ming

3M Textured Surface film

Surfaced Textured Films are pressure sensitive two-mil removable graphic films designed with a vinyl material. These films adapt to moderately textured surfaces on both flat and curved substrates when heated and applied. They prevent abrasion and improve removal characteristics than other films. They are available with and without adhesives and with a lay flat polyethylene […]

3M Anti-Graffiti Films

Because it’s always cheaper to replace the film then to replace the glass! For protecting glass surfaces from all forms of graffiti such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges in retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. Also provides a protective barrier in elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops.

privacy frost sandblast window film

Sandblast effect Window films

Sandblast film emulates the look of sandblasted glass but is far easier to maintain and far less expensive. Very popular for bathroom privacy as it has the look and texture of the real thing.  Film can be applied to glass shower doors, windows and any other flat glazing surface.  We are also able to computer cut […]

3M Dusted and Frosted Crystal Films

We use this 2 mil film to create permanent, multicolor, special effect window graphics and internally-illuminated displays. This film’s durable, sand-blast appearance has uniform color in both reflected and transmitted light. It is intended for making prespaced, cut graphics on electronically controlled, friction-fed or flatbed cutters.

3M Transparent, Translucent and Opaque Coloured Films

Scotchcal ElectroCut Film Series 7725 Description Advantages • Designed for making prespaced, cut graphics on electronically-controlled, friction-fed or flat-bed cutters • Glossy (except matte black and white), durable, 2 mil vinyl film • Screen printable • Transparent synthetic liner -prevents moisture absorption -lays flat for easier assembly of multicolor graphics -resists static buildup • Clear, […]

3M Fasara Decorative and Privacy Films

The advantages of etched, cut, sandblasted, textured and other decorative glass designs are clear: Privacy can be customized, while light still pours from room to room, creating an open feel even in confined spaces. Yet, how to achieve these effects and still remain within budget? It’s possible, with 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes and with 3M™ […]

Sun Control and Security in one!

3M Sun Control and Security Combo film

Combining the best of both worlds!  3M’s Ultra combo series films feature the heat blocking benefits of our sun control films with the strength and security of our Ultra series line of protective window films. These films block 99.9% of harmful Ultra Violet rays and come in a wide array of different tint options. Security […]

Protect your loved ones from Shattered glass!

3M Safety Film

The potential threat of shattered or falling glass is always a concern in the school environment.  Whether it be a falling tree from outside, a gymnasium ball gone astray or students horsing around, the threat is always constant. Shattering the myth of wired glass Many building and fire officials are mistaken about the impact resistance […]

3M Safegard Series Security Film

3M Scotchgard Safegard Security films – The industry leader in impact resistance! Forced entry and theft 3M window protection film can help deter street crime, simply because the window film helps hold the glass in place even after the window has been hit with heavy objects. Criminals don’t have the quick access they are looking […]

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