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Auto Detailing and Interior Shampoo

Thunder Bay’s one stop shop for all your Automotive detailing services!

Whether your looking to bring your car back to life with a professional exterior hand wash or your looking to get tough scratches out then you’ve come to the right place!

At Ming car care we realize that your car is like an extension of yourself.  People have trusted the Ming name since 1935!

Looking after your car is not only about taking care of what’s under the hood. Taking care of  your car’s interior will not necessarily impact its performance, but a well-kept interior will improve how you look at your vehicle and how much you enjoy driving it. The longer you enjoy driving your vehicle, the longer you are likely to keep it. Preserve the vehicle’s door and window seals; clean the dashboard, including the gauges, vacuum the floor mats; and wipe down the vehicle’s interior, whether it’s cloth or leather. Keeping up the appearance of the car’s interior will make the vehicle more enjoyable to drive and increase its value at resale.

Some of the Automotive detailing services that we offer are:

Ming Mirror Finish  “Nothing shines like the real MING!”

Interior Shampoo/Detailing

Food, grease, grime, liquid spills, sand and salt from the winter months quickly take their toll on your vehicles interior. The Interior Shampoo/Detailing package will bring your vehicles interior back to life by shampooing your seats, rugs and floor mats. We also clean and dress all vinyl components such as your dash and door panels.
(Allow full day)

Used Car Seller’s Package

The used car seller’s package is the perfect option for customers that wish to sell their vehicle or just want it to look like it did when it was first picked up from the dealer. The seller’s package is a complete bumper to bumper cleaning, which includes an exterior hand wash and detail, complete interior shampoo and detail. We also degrease and steam clean your engine
(Allow full day)

Did we mention that we can remove pet hair with any of the interior packages?

Is your car making you sick?

Check out “Is your car making you sick?” By Dr Oz – SHOCKING NEWS BACTERIA IN YOUR CAR INTERIOR!

Engine Cleaning  “removes salt, road film and grease”

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