Feather Friendly Film

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‘For the prevention of bird collisions’


Over the past decade there has been a groundswell of interest by government, industry and citizens in environmental issues. As a society, a serious issue that we have not addressed is bird deaths as a result of collisions with manmade structures. These collisions account for an estimated 1 billion deaths annually or 10% of the total bird population in North America. Of these, buildings pose the biggest threat. Exterior glass, whether it be clear, tinted or reflective is not a recognizable part of the natural world for birds and therefore they simply do not ‘see’ it. Daytime collisions are generally associated with the reflection on the glass of vegetation or the sky on the lower 3-5 floors. The primary collisions associated with migrating birds occur in the spring and even more in the fall due to immature birds being unfamiliar with their surroundings. Migrating birds are aggressively seeking food in the form of insects and the reflected image of trees in the glass represents an attractive food source. Birds that reside in urban areas for the summer are also prone to collisions.

feather friendly film on glass


3M DiNoc Architectural Film

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Interior & exterior wall finishes

The warmth of wood grain. The sleek feel of metal. The cool of natural stone. And hundreds of other choices. With over 500 surfaces to choose from, DI-NOC architectural finishes offer it all, at a budget-friendly price. Specify them and you won’t think faux – you’ll think, fantastic.

What makes 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes better?

Aesthetics: DI-NOC architectural finishes resemble natural materials and other types of surfaces to an astonishing degree. They deliver the look you want, at the price you need.

Environmentally friendly: DI-NOC architectural finishes are not produced from trees or metal-bearing ores. A green building product, they go up fast, with less likelihood of error and waste. And when their lifecycle ends, select DI-NOC products are easier on the earth.

Easy application: 3M Comply™ Adhesive Technology is repositionable and virtually eliminates bubbles, simplifying and speeding application. Yet it bonds powerfully to virtually any substrate.

Why you should insist on 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes.

For renovations: Lightweight and self-adhering, DI-NOC architectural finishes can be applied in situ to the existing substrate, reducing labor and material cost compared to natural materials. With DI-NOC products, you create a whole new look, quickly and inexpensively. But not at the expense of aesthetics, thanks to its uncanny resemblance to natural materials.

For new construction: Perhaps you prefer the authenticity of real wood, metal or stone. That’s only natural. Use them for select areas. Specify DI-NOC architectural finishes everywhere else. You’ll get cost savings, speed of application, durability – and still maintain the aesthetic look you desire.


Budget-friendly Budget-Friendly DI-NOC Interior Finishes

You get the full visual impact of natural materials such as wood, metal and stone at a fraction of the price. Applying DI-NOC architectural finishes directly to substrates – including ceiling tiles and drywall – saves time, money, and makes application fast and easy.

Sustainable DI-NOC Sustainable Architectural Finishes

Most DI-NOC architectural surfaces earn LEED credits for green building. Specify them instead of materials that come from forests or metal-bearing ores that require mining. And when its lifecycle ends, DI-NOC products are easier on the environment, too.

Flexible DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

Perfect indoors and out. On flat surfaces, or over complex curves. Perfect for walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or fixtures. The vinyl material itself is amazingly flexible. Together with 3M Comply™ Adhesive Technology air channels, it enables fast, easy, virtually bubble-free application.


3m We provide various 3M Solutions products available for our clients and customers.


Anti-Grafitti Film

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Why waste time and money replacing windows? 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Window Film helps prevent the damage in the first place by winning the fight against graffiti before it begins. 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Window Film is an optically clear, distortion-free film for protection of windows, graphics, mirrors, and other surfaces in retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. Useful for interior or exterior applications, the film comes in two thicknesses for graffiti abatement in low-risk or high-risk situations and is particularly effective in resisting damage from glass-etching solutions used by vandals. When applied to glass, this film also offers the extra benefits of blocking 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays.

3m We provide various 3M Solutions products available for our clients and customers.

Decorative Film

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Customize your space any way you’d like for a fraction of the price of replacing your existing glazing!

The advantages of etched, cut, sandblasted, textured and other decorative glass designs are clear: Privacy can be customized, while light still pours from room to room, creating an open feel even in confined spaces. Yet, how to achieve these effects and still remain within budget? It’s possible, with 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes and with 3M™ Crystal Window Finishes.

With over 50 different designer finishes to choose from!





3m We provide various 3M Solutions products available for our clients and customers.

Security and Safety Film

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3M Safety and Security Window Film helps hold your glass in place during destructive weather conditions, bomb blasts, explosions, or smash and grab burglaries. It helps maintain the integrity of a structure’s outer shell to keep wind, rain and flying glass fragments from wreaking havoc inside the structure. Our films can also reject harmful UV rays, which cause fading and lower energy costs.

3M Security film | Ming | Thunder Bay


Sun Control Window Film

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Protect your investment and save money.

In addition to energy and dollar savings, window film offers numerous other advantages. As a homeowner, you can improve indoor comfort by reducing or eliminating hot spots. Another benefit is reduced fading of your home furnishings, helping to keep your home looking beautiful. By blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, our films help protect your family. Selecting 3M Window Films give you peace of mind. That’s because we have one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get; backed by a company you know and trust.

Fabrics, wallpaper, natural wood floors, photos and other valuables will fade when unfiltered sun shines through your windows. Fading is caused by a combination of ultraviolet rays, visible light and solar heat. 3M Window Films are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light on your furnishings and will block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the single largest cause of fading. 3M Window Films also allow you to save money and enhance the comfort of your home all year round by reducing your air conditioning and heating costs.


Here's a picture of the upper windows filmed with 3M's Prestige 60 sun control film

Here’s a picture of the upper windows filmed with 3M’s Prestige 60 sun control film

Why Choose 3M?

3M, a North American company, has been providing innovative marketplace solutions for more than 102 years. They invented and marketed the first window film product and continue to set the standard in the window film industry. Competitors repeatedly state that their window films are “just as good as 3M”, but the truth is – not all window film is created equal!

Consider these facts:

ADHESIVES. Window film is only as good as the adhesive system behind it! 3M is the only window film provider that produces its own adhesive system developed specifically for window film. This patented pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) is engineered to form an aggressive mechanical bond to the glass that can be easily removed at the end of its useful life, unlike chemical bond (CDF) systems that go into the glass pores and are difficult and costly to remove. The result will be a clean, long-lasting installation with excellent impact resistance, and no bubbling, blistering, purckering or wrinkling.

BENEFIT: Unmatched optical clarity!

UV INHIBITORS. 3M places the UV inhibitors in the adhesive coating! No other film manufacturer has this capability. As a result, the 3M adhesive coating is protected against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation! With most competitors’ films, the UV inhibitors are sandwiched between the adhesive coating and first layer of polyester, thereby exposing their adhesive system to premature aging.

BENEFIT: Longer life!

ABRASION RESISTANCE. 3M Abrasion Resistant Technology allows them to apply a much more durable hard coat than the competition. This technology protects the film from scratching or demetalizing when the film is bumped, touched or cleaned. Tested according to ASTM-1044 Standard Method of Test for Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion, the 3M Abrasion Resistant Coating has been proven to be 6 to 10 times harder than coatings on lower priced films.

BENEFIT: Greater Protection!

PRODUCT TESTING. 3M uses state-of-the-art testing facilities to assure film quality. Prolonged testing assures long-term film durability, color stability, adhesive performance and resistance to metallic corrosion and maintenance of performance characteristics. The tests performed are published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and are available upon request.

BENEFIT: Highest Quality!

WARRANTY. 3M provides a comprehensive warranty that is a solemn agreement between 3M and you. 3M is one of the most respected companies in the world and their stability and financial strength provide you with the assurance that they will be around to honor their commitments. Many of 3M’s competitors, several owned by foreign-based companies, have not been in business very long, or have been bought and sold numerous times over the last decade.

The comprehensive 3M Warranty covers film and labor, and offers one of the only warranties in the industry that does not exclude ammonia as a cleaning agent.

BENEFIT: Peace of Mind!

Authorized Dealer Network. Only authorized Dealers are eligible to sell and install 3M Window Film Products. Our sales and installation staff has been trained by 3M to meet their stringent quality standards.

BENEFIT: Quality craftsmanship!

3M was issued the first US patent on Window Film in 1966. No one has more experience with Window Film than 3M. In fact, 3M became the “inventor of Window Film” by issuing the very first patent on Window Film in 1966. Today they are still the only manufacturer that produces their own raw materials, such as polyesters, adhesives and scratch-resistant coatings. This gives them the quality control and product consistency other manufacturers just can’t match. The quality of their Window Films is confirmed by ISO 9002 Certification and the satisfaction of thousands of users worldwide.

3M has invested millions of dollars in film research and development. Today, millions of square feet of 3M Window Films are installed all around the world. 3M offers a complete selection of films that vary in color, density and heat rejection qualities to ensure there’s one to accurately match your needs.

They have a core of authorized dealers, and 3M Window Film is backed by a warranty that covers 100% of materials and labor.*

For more information on 3M Window Films visit the 3M website.

As a worldwide leader in adhesive and film technologies, 3M has been improving the solar performance and safety of glass for almost 40 years. ISO 9002 and Factory Mutual certifications and the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide confirm the superior quality of 3M Brand Window Films.

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