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Break and Enters are on the rise…

It doesn’t take long to notice on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter that crime is on the rise in Thunder Bay.  More specifically we are noticing a lot of break and enter or smash and grab activity.

3M has developed a clear polyester film that when applied to the inside of your existing glass makes the unit shatter proof.  Much like a car windshield if you’ve ever witnessed one break.  The film bonds to the glass and will hold the glass in place upon impact.  The glass will most likely break but it will stay together making it almost impossible to gain entry.

We have already had great success in Thunder Bay with a few businesses reporting broken glass but no loss in property or goods.

brick in glass


As you can see here our film can even withstand a Cinder block thrown at the glass!

For more info on 3M Safety and Security window films please check out our website at http://mingcarcare.ca/service/security-and-safety-film/

– Team Ming

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