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Time for undercoating Thunder Bay! Winter is coming….

The fact that we can see our breath in the morning can only mean one thing.   Winter is right around the corner.

At Ming Car Care we recommend having your vehicle Undercoated by one of our friendly professionals.  Undercoating protects the undercarriage of your vehicle from harsh road salts and dirt.  Many of your vehicles vital components are exposed to the elements all year long.

Undercoating also adds insulation value which will greatly reduce road noise leaving you with a quieter ride.

We are currently offering our complete undercoating package for both new and used vehicles for only $399.


Ming Car Care also offers lifetime Rust Protection, which will seal out air, water and salt from corroding your vehicle.

Don’t have your car ending up looking like this…..

Undercoating and Rustproofing

Don’t let your car look like this. Rust Proofing by Ming is the answer!

Here’s to a short winter!



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