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Break and Enters are on the rise…

It doesn’t take long to notice on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter that crime is on the rise in Thunder Bay.  More specifically we are noticing a lot of break and enter or smash and grab activity.

3M has developed a clear polyester film that when applied to the inside of your existing glass makes the unit shatter proof.  Much like a car windshield if you’ve ever witnessed one break.  The film bonds to the glass and will hold the glass in place upon impact.  The glass will most likely break but it will stay together making it almost impossible to gain entry.

We have already had great success in Thunder Bay with a few businesses reporting broken glass but no loss in property or goods.

brick in glass


As you can see here our film can even withstand a Cinder block thrown at the glass!

For more info on 3M Safety and Security window films please check out our website at http://mingcarcare.ca/service/security-and-safety-film/

– Team Ming

Time for undercoating Thunder Bay! Winter is coming….

The fact that we can see our breath in the morning can only mean one thing.   Winter is right around the corner.

At Ming Car Care we recommend having your vehicle Undercoated by one of our friendly professionals.  Undercoating protects the undercarriage of your vehicle from harsh road salts and dirt.  Many of your vehicles vital components are exposed to the elements all year long.

Undercoating also adds insulation value which will greatly reduce road noise leaving you with a quieter ride.

We are currently offering our complete undercoating package for both new and used vehicles for only $399.


Ming Car Care also offers lifetime Rust Protection, which will seal out air, water and salt from corroding your vehicle.

Don’t have your car ending up looking like this…..

Undercoating and Rustproofing

Don’t let your car look like this. Rust Proofing by Ming is the answer!

Here’s to a short winter!



Protect your home or office from unwanted heat, glare and fading caused by the Sun!



Here at the Ming center we are proud to be Thunder Bay’s only authorized dealer and applicator of 3M Sun Control window films.  3M is a brand build on trust.

As you can see in this photo the bottom windows have much more clarity then the upper windows.  Here we applied 3M Night Vision window film to help the home owner reduce the amount of glare that was flooding through the windows and making it hard to see the television.  In this case Night Vision was the film of choice due to it’s unmatched ability to combat glare.

Some home owners do not like the idea of putting a film on their windows that is going to give a reflective look from the exterior.  This is where 3M Prestige window film is recommended.

3M Prestige 60 window film

In this picture only the top two triangular windows have window film on them.  This clearly demonstrates how 3M prestige window films are able to allow maximum daylight into the home while blocking up to 60% of excessive heat from the sun, all the while maintaining the original look of your windows.

At the Ming center we are also very proud to offer exterior window film for triple pane windows.  We are the only place in Thunder Bay (that we know of) that has window film suitable for triple pane windows.

For your free estimate on 3M window film in Thunder Bay please don’t hesitate to give Jeff a call at (807)346-9090


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